Formed Plastic

Made from earth-friendly durable plastic, produced from start to finish by Gemini.

Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) formed plastic letters and logos are tough, weather-resistant, earth-friendly, and the first dimensional letters Gemini manufactured 50 years ago.  If you see a formed letter in your neighborhood, more than likely it's a Gemini letter.

Choose from 128 standard styles or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo art design. 29 standard pigmented plastic colors, or painted to match your custom color. Deep dimension at a relatively affordable price.

Formed plastic GemLite Letters & Logos can be your low-profile, edge-lit alternative to traditional aluminum fabricated channel letters. Available facelit or backlit with LEDs -- all UL certified, ready to go.

Gemini stands confidently behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece produced, because it's been tested it to last a lifetime, or we’ll replace it, free.

Injection Molded

Tough enough for harsh Minnesota winters. Refined enough for interior display.

Smooth returns, razor-sharp edges and unblemished letter faces give our injection-molded MINNESOTA letters the look and feel of cast metal in a plastic product.

In Stock, Quick Ship

MINNESOTA letters are available in six standard styles and painted any standard or custom color per order. Letters are in stock ready for your paint color and mounting hardware, then generally shipped out in 1-2 days.

Gemini stands confidently behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece produced because it's been tested it to last a lifetime, or we'll replace it, free.

Lazer Cut Acylic

You're getting more than an acrylic letter.  Because Gemini extrudes  acrylic sheets in-house, they formulate it with impact modifier to stand up to the toughest application challenges only found within the sign industry.  Gemini acrylic letters and logos can be customized to virtually any custom graphic design, with laser-cut polished edges that can’t be duplicated with a traditional router.

 Available in many standard pigmented colors or painted to your specifications, Gemini has the widest offering of plastic pigments and thicknesses because they start with sheets of impact-modified acrylic extruded at their own plants.
Simplify your sign business by letting us manufacture your acrylic letters so you can focus your time and resources on design and installation.
 Most Laser Cut Acrylic orders are manufactured and shipped within 4-days, from a regional facility near you.
 Gemini stands confidently behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece they produce, because they have tested it to last a lifetime, or we’ll replace it, free.

Face Lit

UL Certified GemLite letters are produced with a two-part construction – faces and cans. Both components are formed with UV stable, CAB plastic that has been certified by UL for lit letters.  Face lit letters are produced with a translucent material that is custom designed for LED lighting.  Typical backs are formed in white to better reflect the LED lights. LEDs are secured to the backs with double faced tape and special hold down blocks.  Average letter depths are recommended to be 2”-2-1/2”deep with a minimum stroke of around 1-1/4”.

Fabricated Stainless Steel

Our durable and attractive fabricated stainless steel channel letters with illuminated acrylic faces make a dramatic statement and provide outstanding low-light visibility. Get the exact combination of daylight and nighttime colors you want with a broad selection of translucent acrylic in letter heights from 6” to 36”. The stainless steel return provides a sophisticated look and depth. Choose from polycarbonate or stainless steel backing with the brilliance of integrated LEDs included as part of this letter package.

Fabricated Aluminum

Large scale and durable performance combine with sophisticated style in our fabricated aluminum channel letters with illuminated acrylic insert. The lightweight solution for letters 16” and up to an astounding 120” tall let you offer the most highly visible, large-scale dimensional letters available. Get the exact combination of colors that function effectively in daylight and low light with a broad selection of acrylic that features a removable face retainer for easy access.


Precision LED Display Letters

For the past half century, Gemini has been a leading wholesale manufacturer of dimensional letters & logos. Continuous innovation is just one way we have achieved this recognition. For custom illuminated logos and letters that require exacting precision, LUXE  letters made by Gemini are the solution.

This process results in a refined, sharp letter that yields perfectly diffused light in both the face- and back-lit halo options. These beautiful letters feature sculpted acrylic with precisely defined edges and a return thickness of only 1½ inches.


Fabricated Acrylic Letters


Fabricated acrylic letters are our latest contribution to serving your growth in an evolving industry. This new LED lit product further expands our GemLite letter look by allowing not only illumination of the face, but also the full returns. Fabricated Acrylic Letters and Logos feature crisp sharp edges, depths from 1½” to 4”, and sizes from 12” - 36” high to help communicate yet a higher degree of lighting sophistication.

Fabricated from light diffused cast acrylic, these letters are designed to evenly diffuse the LED light throughout the face and returns. Faces are constructed with 3/16” (4.5mm) thick translucent acrylic, available in seven colors. Letter returns are made with 1/8” (3mm) thick acrylic. Components are precision routed to your specifications, fabricated with hand buffed edges, populated with LEDs, and UL approved.

Fabricated Metal

Gemini crafts thier own fabricated metal products, so you know they're always made true.

Selected by industry giants such as Exxon, J.P. Morgan Chase, IBM and Caterpillar, our fabricated metal letters project strength and stability.

Choose from a wide variety of finish options in stainless steel - brushed, polished, titanium coated, or painted.  Fabricated aluminum painted, brushed or anodized.

Gemini has expanded their metal fabrication capabilities to include structurally robust gauges of aluminum.  In fact, their new line of aluminum fabricated letters presents a solution for larger letter applications where their fabricated stainless steel letter line leaves off, extending custom letter height possibilities from 16” up to an impressive scale of 120” high.

Choose from a variety of UL-listed illumination options, including halo-lit and face-lit, to create a distinct look.

Crafted in North America

Most fabricated metal orders are manufactured and shipped within 12 days. By manufacturing close to home, we offer better availability of these hand-crafted products compared to alternative brands manufactured in Asia.

Gemini stands confidently behind the quality and craft of every piece, because they have tested it to last a lifetime or we’ll replace it, free.

Flat Cut Metal

Precision-cut with high-pressure water jet and laser.

Stylish enough for the boardroom yet tough enough for the great outdoors, Gemini Flat Cut Metal Letters and Logos are made true, from high-grade plate metal.

From prime Aluminum, to Stainless Steel, to Bronze, to Brass, Copper, and Core-Ten® steel, Gemini offers the widest range of metal alloys, finishes, and gauges. More choices - more options for you.

7 to 10 Day Production

Most Flat Cut Metal orders are manufactured and shipped within 7 to 10 days from a regional facility near you - even custom produced per your art.

Lifetime Guarantee

These hand-finished pieces are entirely manufactured in-house for quality assurance and tested to last a lifetime or we’ll replace it, free.





For a sense of permanency and architectural depth, consider the classic look of Gemini cast bronze or aluminum plaques, logos and emblems.Ideal for professional offices, universities and government buildings, address plaques, historical markers or memorials.


Finishes from Brushed, Oxidized, Painted, Patina, Polished, and more - with multiple background textures and color options.


Cast with no border, beveled edges, single line or even double line with bevel and more.


Tested and approved for exterior use. Guaranteed for the life of the product.